Plextor M6eA 512GB HHHL PCIe Solid State Drive Black Edition

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Performance and Functional Flexibility Redefined M6e Black Edition (M6e-BK & M6eA-BK) is a PCI Express solid state drive (SSD) specifically designed to create the perfect gaming platform that offers the extreme performance demanded by professional gaming.
Components of the highest standards are supplemented by the newly developed PlexTurbo intelligent SSD software cache technology which achieves the final step in accelerated SSD performance. Premium Quality Design The components of M6e Black Edition give the SSD the capability to easily handle the high data-exchange volume and complex computing demands of the most modern games, giving gamers an unparalleled rush of speed and excitement.
Additionally, it has introduced high performance cooling fins to improve convectional cooling within the computer tower.
In addition to their practical functions, the fins offer an awe-inspiring exterior for a sleek and modern look.

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